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The Board of Health and Health Department are responsible for addressing the health needs of the community. Traditional duties include site evaluation for subsurface sewage disposal, permit/licensing and inspections of food service establishments, summer camps, public swimming pools, stables, massage therapists, tanning salons, septic installers and haulers, septic system and private well installations, and supplying community-based nursing and mental health care services, as well as involvement in environmental health issues such as housing code violations, mosquito control, hazardous waste, animal/rabies control, public ground water supplies and emergency preparedness.



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General Information

The Sudbury Council on Aging FY2014 Planning Session Executive Summary
Take a look at the Executive Summary of the COA's most recent planning session...
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Sudbury Board of Health New Office Phone Number
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Commission Meeting Dates
The Commission on Disability meets on the last Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Sudbury Senior Center.

Please check the "Meetings" link at the top of our website for the most updated schedule of meetings.

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List of Trash Collectors Click on to see the list of trash collectors that pick up curbside January 27, 2011
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Outdoor Hydronic Heater Regulations On September 6th, 2011 The Sudbury Board of Health adopted revised Outdoor Hydronic Heater (OHH)Regulations. To operate an existing OHH or new OHH installation the owner must obtain a permit from the Board of Health. September 20, 2011
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Rules & Regulations for Stables and Keeping of Animals in the Town of Sudbury Proposed Rules & Regulations for Stables and Keeping of Animals in the Town of Sudbury February 25, 2013
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Commission on Disability | Expand

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Commission on Disability Application for membership May 21, 2012
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Emergency Preparedness | Expand

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Disaster Supply Kit The Mass. Emergency Management Agency has created a list of recommended supplies to be kept in preparation for an emergency. December 8, 2011
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Disaster Supply Kit Items that residents should have available in an emergency. November 23, 2011
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Hurricanes - Sheltering in Place "Sheltering-in-Place is a standard protective action utilized in Emergency Management," states
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency Director Don Boyce. "It is utilized most often during
an accident or event in which hazardous materials have been released into the atmosphere, but also
during dangerous conditions, when it is best to be indoors and not outside or on the road"
November 23, 2011
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Fees | Expand

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Board of Health Fee Schedule May 10, 2006
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Food Establishment Permit Application Download here for the Food Establishment Permit Application for submittal to the Board of Health July 14, 2009
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Hauler's Application July 20, 2007
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Installer's Application July 19, 2007
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Examples of Hazardous Wastes This is a examples of the type of Hazardous Materials people can bring to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day. September 29, 2003
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Lyme Disease Surveillance 2005 Mass DPH 2005 surveillance of Massachusetts Lyme Disease April 8, 2008
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Potentially Deadly Bugs Information on some dangerous insects and spiders. July 22, 2008
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Preventing harmful health effects of heat waves A heat wave is a prolonged period of excessive heat, often combined with excessive humidity. This document gives the reader some protective measures that can be implemented during a heat wave. November 23, 2011
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Printable Sudbury Tick Fact Sheet This Document is meant to act as a piece of guidance material about ticks. This document provides information on tick habitat, prevention from bites, treatment, and the town's history with ticks. March 17, 2008
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Advisory for Swine Flu - schools and childcare settings Advisory for schools and those in a childcare setting from MDPH. April 27, 2009
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Inactivated Influenza Vaccine Fact Sheet Read more for information about the Inactivated Influenza Vaccine September 1, 2010
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Live Intranasal Influenza Vaccine Fact Sheet Read more for information about the live intranasal influenza vaccine. September 1, 2010
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MassWildlife's Beavers and the Law A Citizen's Guide to Addressing Beaver Conflicts April 14, 2009
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Rabies Article Please read about for more important information concerning your community, rabies, and you. February 10, 2011
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What to Know and Do After a Flood This document will give guidance to homeowners on what to be prepared for and do after a flood. March 17, 2010
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In-Ground Irrigation Systems Regulations/Application Please Read the Regulations before deciding the location of your proposed in-ground irrigation well. Once you read these regulations obtain a map, plot plan, or septic plan of your house and place a mark where you would like the well. Turn this in to the Board of Health Office for our review. Thank you. November 13, 2007
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Rules and Regulations Governing the Subsurface Disposal of Sewage November 15, 2007
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Tobacco Regulations Regulation of the Town of Sudbury Board of Health Restricting the Sale of Tobacco Products and Nicotine Delivery Products January 10, 2014
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Hazardous Waste Schedule 2014- Lexington Hazardous Waste in need of disposal may go to the Lexington Facility. Please note, if you cannot go to any of the Minuteman collections or are moving before the next one, Clean Harbors Environmental, Inc. holds HHW and electronic collections every Saturday from April 1 - October 31 at their Braintree facility. This document will be updated every Spring. April 2, 2014
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Continuing Care Retirement Communities A listing of local Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). September 25, 2009
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Training | Expand

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Resident Emergency Preparedness Training The training is designed for citizens with little or no training, but those with some skills in emergency preparedness are also welcome to attend the training and participate in a CERT team. November 23, 2011
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Hazardous Waste | Expand

If I have household hazardous waste and missed Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day in Sudbury, what do I do?
Please reference the Lexington Facility Hazardous Waste informational document located in the downloadable documents section of the Health Department Website.

Health - Flu Shot | Expand

Who do I contact regarding flu shot/ flu clinic information?

Contact the Sudbury Board of Health or visit Most years, a free vaccine is only available for seniors at the senior center. A notice is posted on the town website in October each year.

Health - Lyme Disease | Expand

How do I get more information on Lyme Disease and tick related topics?
We have a printable fact sheet available in the downloadable documents section of the department website as well as a link provided on the homepage.

Health - Road Kill | Expand

Should I contact the Board of Health about road-kill?

Yes, the BOH will respond to pick-up road-kill, with the exception of dead squirrels and other very small animals.

Health Department | Expand

What are my options if a Beaver dam is cauing a serious health hazard on or near my property?
Please see the documents available for download section for MassWildlife's Beavers and the Law: A Citizen's Guide to Addressing Beaver Conflicts

Health- Mosquito Spraying | Expand

What do I do if I have Mosquito complaints/questions/concerns regarding mosquito spraying/ non-spraying?

Contact the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project at (781) 899-5730

Health- Septic System Setbacks | Expand

How close can a proposed house addition be from a septic system?

-       A full foundation must be 10 feet from the septic tank and 20 feet from the leaching area.

-       A slab foundation such as a garage must be 10 feet from the septic tank and 10 feet from the leaching area.

-       Concrete columns for a deck must be 5 feet from the leaching area and not disturb the septic system.

Health- Title 5 Inspection | Expand

I am selling my house. How do I get a Title 5 septic inspection?

Title 5 inspections are conducted by private state certified inspectors. Most septic pumping companies can submit the required 13 page report to the Board of Health.

Health- Wild Animals on Property | Expand

Whom should I contact concerning wild animals- i.e: foxes, skunks, raccoons, etc…. that may be occupying my property?
Contact the Board of Health for the name of a state licensed animal control specialist. Please be aware that service for removal/redirection services of animal(s) will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Health | 978 440-5479

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Robert Leupold Health Director DPW Building
Joseph Kelly Accounting Clerk DPW Building
Michele Korman Health Coordinator DPW Building

Social | (978) 639-3358

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Martha Lynn Community Outreach Worker Flynn Building
Mitch Sanborn Social Work - Contract Flynn Building

Senior | (978) 443-3055

Name Position Office Location
Debra Galloway Council on Aging Director Senior Center
Claire Wigandt Department Assistant Senior Center
Sharon Wilkes Department Assistant Fairbank Community Center
Anne Manning Info Referral Specialist Senior Center
Linda Curran Van Driver Senior Center
Amy Snow Van Driver Fairbank Community Center
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