Ponds and Waterways Committee

The Ponds and Waterways Committee shall be responsible for studying and recommending strategies and options for remediation, and promoting pond and waterway sustainability for all publicly owned ponds and waterways throughout the Town, including education, consensus building, coordination of funding activities, and development of a Ponds and Waterways Master Plan. The first work project of the Ponds and Waterway Committee shall be to identify similar ponds and waterway groups in other towns in Massachusetts (or elsewhere if applicable), and summarize and evaluate their mission, makeup, relationship to other Town boards and commissions, success rate, challenging issues, etc. This shall be a report to the Board of Selectmen, due within three months of the creation of the PWC.

Click here to download the mission statement, responsibilities, and timetable for the Ponds and Waterways Committee.

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Stormwater Matters! Informational Slideshow
Sudbury's drainage system carries rainwater from the roadway to outfalls at brooks, ponds, rivers, and wetlands. There are many things a homeowner can do to help the Town keep our stormwater from degrading our water supply.
(Posted: Tuesday, November 6, 2012)
Seeking New Members!
Ponds and Waterways Committee seeks new members
(Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011)
Sudbury's Eco-Friendly Lawn Program
Help protect Sudbury’s ponds and waterways by minimizing the impact of lawn care on the surrounding environment.
(Posted: Monday, March 8, 2010)

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Ponds & Waterway Committee - Mission Statement July 6, 2005
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Cold Water Fisheries Protection in Sudbury Sudbury in a forerunner in Massachusetts in developing further regulatory standards for the protection of Cold Water trout streams. This presentation was given to the Greater Boston Chapter of Trout Unlimited on Feb. 25, 2013 by Debbie Dineen, Sudbury's Conservation Agent. March 11, 2013
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Hop Brook Conservation Land Forest Stewardship Plan Read more to lean about the newly developed Forest Stewardship Plan for Hop Brook Conservation Area. This plan was created by Gary Gouldrup of New Enlgand Forestry Consultants and funded through the Department of Conservation and Recreation 2010 Forest Stewardship Grants. October 13, 2010
4358.96 KB
Hop Brook Forest Stewardship Plan September 15, 2011
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Hop Brook's Natural History Read this minibook about Hop Brook's Natural History and learn something you may not have known about this natural resource you have in town! April 28, 2010
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Johnson Farm 40 B Notice of Intent October 6, 2011
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Johnson Farm 40B Wetland Evaluation October 6, 2011
658.19 KB
Johnson Farm 40B Porous Pavement report from applicant November 8, 2011
403.79 KB
Johnson Farm 40B Wildlife Habitat Evaluation October 6, 2011
507.38 KB
King Philips Woods, Piper, Libby, Dickson Forest Stewardship Plan September 15, 2011
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Nobscot Forest Stewardship Plan September 15, 2011
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Preserving Sudbury's Natural Heritage:Vernal Pools Please read to learn about vernal pools, you might not know just how important they are TO YOU April 28, 2010
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Rain Gardens and Compost Bins Have you ever wanted to build your own rain garden or compost bin? Do you know about the benefits to your town and yourself each involves? Have you ever wondered what a rain garden is? If you are interested in a easy to follow step by step process of the who, what, when, where, why and how for building your own sustainable rain garden or compost bin on your property, or are just curious about how each work, please click on these links provided through Massachusetts Greenscapes



November 6, 2009
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Dates: Friday, Oct. 15, 2010
Friday, Nov. 5 , 2010
Time: 9:30-12:30 and
Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010
Time: 10:00-2:00

September 28, 2010
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Private and Public Land Public land is shaded red. Private land is shaded green.

(Data for the town line and parcels has been provided by the Town of Sudbury. Data for the streams, ponds, wetlands has been provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.)

October 31, 2007
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Sudbury Hydrology Map, Draft 1:25K (for discussion purposes only) November 21, 2006
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Surface Water and Wetlands This is a map of the Town of Sudbury's surface water(ponds and streams), wetlands and watersheds.

(Data for the town line has been provided by the Town of Sudbury. Data for the streams, ponds, wetlands and watersheds has been provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.)

October 30, 2007
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Town of Sudbury's Natural Water Distribution This map of the Town of Sudbury includes topographic lines, watershed delineations, streams, ponds, parcels, buildings and road names.

Note: Topographic lines are at 3 meter intervals, but are labeled in feet.

(Data for the town line, street names, parcels and buildings has been provided by the Town of Sudbury. Data for the topographic lines, streams, ponds, wetlands and watersheds has been provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.)

October 30, 2007
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Master Plan February 22, 2011
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Master Plan Appendix 1 - Activities February 24, 2011
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Master Plan Appendix 2 - Report on other Pond Committees February 24, 2011
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Master Plan Appendix 3 - Watersheds May 24, 2013
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Master Plan Appendix 5 - Environmental Studies February 24, 2011
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Master Plan Appendix 6 - NPDES Permit Summary February 24, 2011
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Hop Brook Sediment and Dam Removal Study Hop Brook Sediment and Dam Removal Study - Draft Report - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - July 29, 2008 February 23, 2010
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US EPA order regarding the Marlborough Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant issued Dec. 10, 2009 January 31, 2010
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Wayside Watershed Inventory - Draft Description and photos of all identified waterbodies in the Wayside Watershed. February 22, 2009
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Cutting Watershed Inventory Description and photos of all identified waterbodies in the Cutting Watershed. February 22, 2009
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Frost Farm Watershed Inventory - Draft Description and photos of all identified waterbodies in the Frost Farm Watershed. February 22, 2009
439.56 KB
Goodnow Watershed Inventory - Draft Description and photos of all identified waterbodies in the Goodnow Watershed. February 26, 2009
532.96 KB
Nobscot Watershed Inventory - Draft Description and photos of all identified waterbodies in the Nobscot Watershed. February 28, 2009
504.69 KB
Powder Mill Watershed Inventory Description and photos of all identified waterbodies in the Powder Mill Watershed. February 22, 2009
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Ponds and Waterways Committee

A pond near me is covered by green scum in the summer. What causes this and should I be worried about it?
This is caused by an excess of nutrients in the water and is called eutrophication. For an overview see:


The green scum is an algal bloom that results from the high nutrient levels and can cause numerous problems ranging from visual ugliness and bad smells to harmful toxins in the water. Hop Brook and its associated ponds are one of several examples in the Town of Sudbury. Some species of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) release harmful toxins into the water. Other species are benign or even beneficial. An overview of cyanobacteria is at:


The World Health Organization has produced very detailed information on toxic cyanobacteria in water at:


Additional (very technical) information can be found in the following USEPA report:


Remediation of eutrophication in the ponds and waterways in Sudbury is a complex issue facing the Town of Sudbury as well as other towns and our State and Federal governments.
How can I get my soil tested and why is this a good idea?
A soil test can be a valuable tool in assessing your lawn's nutritional balance and as an aid to protecting the environment and saving money by applying only the amount of fertilizer needed. For more information, visit the UMASS Extension website at: http://www.umass.edu/soiltest/.
I am having flooding problems on my property due to beaver activity in the area. What can I do?
Dealing with problems caused by beavers is controlled by state law. The following site gives detailed explanations of the options available and the procedures that must be followed. It is important to understand both the beavers and the law before proceeding with any action.

I have a pond (or stream) on my property and would like to remove some trees and shrubs along the edge. Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?

Any alteration of land bordering waters is regulated by state law. A well defined procedure must be followed before any action is taken. The law can be found at:


For more information or to initiate the permit process, contact the Sudbury Conservation Commission. The Conservation Commission website can be found at:


What are some ways to have an eco-friendly lawn?

Here are some links to helpful tips:

What are the names of the 9 watersheds in Sudbury?
Cutting, Frost Farm, Goodnow, Great Meadows, Nobscot, Pelham Island, Powder Mill, Wayside, Woodside
What is the strange-looking orange machine I saw on the Sudbury River?

This is an aquatic weed harvester owned by the Great Meadows

National Wildlife Refuge used to help combat invasive aquatic plants on the Sudbury River. The harvester has also been generously loaned to neighboring towns such as Sudbury. Information on other usage in Sudbury as well as considerable information on invasive aquatic plants can be found on the Hop Brook Protection Association site at:


The State of Massachusetts recognizes invasives as a widespread problem with more information at:


The USDA also provides a reference site:


Many communities across the country are having to come up with ways to approach this problem and learn from each other. The Water Chestnut is among the most notorious problems in the northeast. The Management Plan for Chesapeake Bay in Maryland is an excellent point of reference and history:


Current Members

Name Position Address Term End Date
Anne M. Slugg Chairman 14 King Philip Rd 3 05/31/2017
Mary L. Addonizio Member 247 Mossman Rd 3 05/31/2015
Elizabeth Armstrong Member 166 Marlboro Rd 3 05/31/2016
Francis T. Lyons Member 157 Wayside Inn Rd 3 05/31/2017
Diane Muffitt Member 31 Raynor Rd 3 05/31/2015

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