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For emergencies, please call 911 or (978) 443-2121.

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  • Police Station
    415 Boston Post Road
    Sudbury, MA 01776
Boston Post Road Detour 8-19-14
(Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2014)

General Information

Sudbury / Middlesex Drug Take-Back Program
Eliminating unused and unwanted medications from your home will help keep your family, your environment and your community safe. Safe & Secure Drop Off site: Sudbury Police - 415 Boston Post Rd, 24/7 drop off, Main Lobby.
(Posted: Monday, April 7, 2014)
Solicitor Bylaw
(Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2012)

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Commonwealth of MA Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report December 18, 2013
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Firearms Licensing Application State Firearms Licensing Application January 29, 2010
104.79 KB
Incident-Accident Report Request Form December 18, 2013
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Non-Solicitation Request April 17, 2012
22.50 KB
Request for Letter of Good Conduct To request a letter of good conduct please complete the accompanying form. The preferred method is to email the completed form to Chief Scott Nix at nixs@sudbury.ma.us. If not possible, you may drop off or mail the form at/to Sudbury Police Department 415 Boston Post Road Sudbury, MA 01776. You will be contacted when the letter is ready for pickup. Please have appropriate identification when picking up your letter. March 24, 2014
1024.00 KB
Sex Offender Request Form This is the applicable form for a resident to request sex offender information relative to Sudbury. The form must be presented in person with identification provided as required by the Sex Offender Registry Board. June 8, 2011
130.12 KB
Solicitor Permit Application This is the application for solicitors to request an ID to allow them to go door-to-door in the Town of Sudbury. The applicable town by-law is included at the end of the application. March 12, 2012
196.67 KB
Sudbury / Middlesex Drug Take-Back Program Eliminating unused and unwanted medications from your home will help keep your family, your environment and your community safe. Safe & Secure Drop Off Site: Sudbury Police Department, 415 Boston Post Road, 24/7 drop off, Main Lobby. April 7, 2014
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Sudbury Public Schools Release 9-30-10 September 30, 2010
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Final Regional Emergency Dispatch Report with Addendum A grant was filed with the State 911 Board which was approved to do a feasibility study for regionalizing dispatch between 8 towns in this area. This is the final report submitted to the town by L.R. Kimball. May 22, 2012
3240.85 KB

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Car Safety for Children July 28, 2014
889.08 KB
Sleep Safety for Children July 9, 2013
402.78 KB
Swimming Safety: Prevent Drowning July 9, 2013
214.34 KB
Water Safety for Children July 28, 2014
1107.00 KB
Window Safety for Children July 28, 2014
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Police - 911

If I have an emergency, what information do you need?
When you call for help, either by calling 911 or 443-2323 we need the following information:

For medical emergencies:
1. What is the exact location of the incident?
2. What is the medical problem with the patient?
3. What hospital do you want the ambulance to bring you to?

For fire emergencies:
1. What is the exact location of the incident?
2. Is there smoke inside the home?
3. Is there fire inside the home?
4. Is everybody outside and accounted for?

Remember - we are here to serve you! Don't be afraid to call for help if you need it!

What happens when I call 911?
When 911 is dialed from a residence (not a cellular telephone) it connects to the Sudbury Police Department. In the event you need assistance from the Fire Department, the call will be transferred to our Headquarters. Although we have Enhanced 911, it is critical to confirm the address of the problem with the dispatcher. However, if you are unable to speak, help will be sent anyway to investigate the situation. We know where each call is made from due to our enhanced system. This means that when the phone rings, a computer screen pops up with the address, name and telephone number of the caller. One thing to keep in mind is that it is possible for the dispatcher to put you on hold if he or she needs to notify the paramedics, for example. Never, ever hang up until instructed to do so! Also, parents should constantly discuss the 911 system with their children. We have taken many calls from youngsters and they are never too young to learn.

Police - Information

Can I have my fingerprints done at the police station?
We gladly do fingerprinting for residents of the town. There is no fee and they can be done on any shift. However, you should call before coming down to make sure there is someone available to do them, and to set up a convenient time. They have to be done by an officer and sometimes they're busy or the room where they are done is unavailable.
How do I calculate my speeding ticket?
The initial 10MPH over the speed limit is assessed a $50 fine. In other words, there is a flat fee for the first 10MPH. Each MPH above the initial 10MPH is then calculated at $10 per MPH thereafter. In addition to the fines established relative to the speed travelled, there is a $50 assessment applied to the fine schedule which goes to a Head Injury Fund established by the state.

Example: 46MPH in a 30MPH zone = 16MPH over the speed limit

Fine = $50 Head Injury Fund assessment + $50 (first 10MPH over the speed limit) + $60 (next 6MPH) = $160

How do I get a copy of a police report?
In order to obtain a copy of a police report there is a form available at the front desk of Police Station or can be downloaded via the link below that is required to be completed. You will need to know the date and time of the incident/accident you are looking for as well as the people involved in the incident/accident. It is necessary to include your name and address as the report will be mailed out to you within a few business days.

There is an administrative fee for all reports: $5 for all accident reports and $1/page for all additional reports. Most reports run about 3 pages, but if you are unsure you can call the department and ask for the records in order to determine the exact length. The department only accept checks.

The request/fee can either be dropped off at the front desk or mailed to the Sudbury Police Department located at 415 Boston Post Road Sudbury, MA 01776 to the attention of the Records Department.

"Click here" to download an Incident-Accident Report Request Form

Is there a charge for false alarms?
Yes there is. You get two free false alarms per calendar year. The third false alarm is $20. The fourth false alarm is $35. The fifth and every subsequent false alarm is $50.
What options do residents have in regards to Coyotes on their property?
Recently coyotes have become a major concern to residents due to their more aggressive behavior and their attacks on domestic animals.

The Sudbury Police Department has been, and will continue, responding to calls for service regarding Coyote incidents. If a responding officer deems that a Coyote(s) is a threat to a resident or their property (to include their pets/livestock), the officer may destroy the animal if a safe situation presents itself.

Additionally, residents may themselves hunt, or allow others, to hunt Coyotes from November 1, 2006 to February 28, 2007, as long as they abide by all hunting laws. There is a two week period during deer hunting season starting November 28th where only deer is allowed to be hunted. These laws include, but are not limited to; no discharging of a firearm within 500 feet of another's dwelling without written permission. Common sense dictates this only be accomplished in a safe manner.

For further information please visit the following websites:

Eastern Coyotes in Massachusetts
Massachusetts Department of Fisheries

When am I required to file an accident report?
As required by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90 section 26, "Every person operating a motor vehicle which is involved in an accident in which any person is killed or injured or in which there is damage in excess of one thousand dollars to any one vehicle or other property shall, within five days after such accident, report in writing to the registrar on a form approved by him and send a copy thereof to the police department having jurisdiction on the way where such accident occurred."

Individuals required to file a report should provide copies to:

>The police department where the accident occurred
>Your insurance company
>The Registry of Motor Vehicles (original copy)
>Retain one for yourself

"Click here" to download Commonwealth of MA Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report Form

"Click here" for the Registry of Motor Vehicles website

Police Departmentpolice@sudbury.ma.us | (978) 443-1042 [Business]

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