Sudbury Housing Trust

The purpose of the Sudbury Housing Trust is to provide for the creation and preservation of affordable housing in the Town of Sudbury for the benefit of low and moderate income households.

The Trust implements the recommendations set forth in the Sudbury Community Housing Plan to the purpose of aiding the Town of Sudbury, private enterprises and non-profit organizations, and other public agencies in the speedy and orderly acquisition, rehabilitation, renovation, construction, financing or refinancing of property within the Town of Sudbury so that such property will be substantially available as residential property for low and moderate income persons and to further provide mechanisms to ensure such use.


Sudbury Housing Trust seeks additional Trustee/s

The Board of Selectmen is seeking interested and qualified individuals to serve as Trustees for the Sudbury Housing Trust.

 The Sudbury Housing Trust was formed by 2006 Annual Town Meeting, with the objective to increase affordable and community housing, and the Trust has powers and duties that enable it to accomplish the objective.

 This Town board is composed of up to 9 Trustees appointed by the Selectmen for three year terms.  In making the appointments, the Board of Selectmen shall endeavor to provide a broad-based membership including legal, banking, financial and real estate professionals, non-profit and for-profit housing developers and other members of the local business community and affordable housing advocates.

 Trustees are expected to prepare for and attend monthly meetings, to actively participate in the matters and projects of the Trust.  The Trust is supported through technical and administrative staff from the Sudbury Department of Planning and Community Development. 

Applications accepted until filled by downloading an application from the Town website –

Please feel free to contact Jody Kablack,, at the Department of Housing and Community Development at 978-639-3387 for more information.

Friday, June 6, 2014

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