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How do I dispose of old smoke detectors and fire extinguishers? Fire Department
Who are Sudbury's elected Town Officials? Town Clerk
How do I get a copy of a police report? Police Department
1. What is the Sudbury Historic District Commission (HDC)? Historic Districts Commission
2. What is HDC's contact information? Historic Districts Commission
3. How do I find out if I live in an historic district? Historic Districts Commission
4. When and where are meetings held? Historic Districts Commission
5. How are decisions by the Commission reached? Historic Districts Commission
6. What does HDC have jurisdiction over? Historic Districts Commission
7.What is the process to apply and be granted a COA? Historic Districts Commission
8. What is the difference between National Register of Historic Places and Local Historic Districts? Historic Districts Commission
9. What are the benefits of a local historic designation? Historic Districts Commission
10. Can anyone propose a Local Historic Designation? Historic Districts Commission
11. What resources can you suggest? Historic Districts Commission
12. Can I make a small change to a Certificate that has been granted? Historic Districts Commission
I can't add Google as my default search engine in Internet Explorer? Information Systems
Do I need a permit for a shed? Building Department
When does the Put & Take Open? Transfer Station / Recycling Center
Where would Veterans obtain Service records? Veterans' Agent
What are the contact numbers and websites for the Veterans' Administration and the Massachusetts State Department of Veterans' Services? Veterans' Agent
Where can I make my tax payments online? Collector / Treasurer
I want to organize a committee for a candidate, ballot question or political action. How do I get started? Town Clerk
What is the Credit Union's routing number? Lincoln-Sudbury Credit Union
I have turned my vehicle back in to the leasing company, may I apply for the abatement? Assessors Office
What criteria are used to make grant decisions? Cultural Council
How is payment for approved grants received? Cultural Council
What is the process for approval? Cultural Council
When are applications due? How should they be completed? Cultural Council
Who qualifies for funding? Cultural Council
What are the Recycling Materials accepted at the Transfer Station? Transfer Station / Recycling Center
Is there anything families can do to improve the upkeep of the Cemeteries? Cemetery Department
Can the funding model for Cemetery maintenance be changed? Cemetery Department
What is the Town doing given this lack of funding for cemetery maintenance? Cemetery Department
Who oversees the investment of the Perpetual Care Trust? Cemetery Department
What happened in 2009 and 2010? It appears that the cemeteries are only being minimally maintained? Cemetery Department
Does relying on the interest earnings provide enough funding for proper maintenance of the Town Cemetery Department
How is the $412.50 spent for the maintenance of the cemetery? Cemetery Department
What happens to the $412.50 once it is received by the Town? Cemetery Department
Where do the funds to maintain the Town Cemetery Department
Where do I register to vote? Town Clerk
What is a Business Certificate and Who Must File? Town Clerk
Where should I mail my tax payments? Collector / Treasurer
I don't drive. How can I get around Town? Commission on Disability
I am new to Massachusetts. Where can I learn about residency requirements, vehicle registration and other general information regarding this state? Town Clerk
Who should I contact if I notice a safety issue with an existing walkway in town (ex: overgrown vegetation, pot holes, cracks, low-hanging tree branches)? Planning & Community Development
My neighborhood wants a walkway installed on our street, but an easement will be necessary to accommodate a walkway on my property. What is an easement and what are my rights as a property owner? Planning & Community Development
What is the procedure for having a new walkway constructed in my neighborhood? Planning & Community Development
What department should I contact if a tree has fallen or if there are broken tree limbs on a street blocking passage? Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee
What department should I contact if there are any obstructed views at intersections due to overgrown vegetation? Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee
What is the procedure for requesting traffic enforcement in a particular area? Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee
Who do I contact if I have concerns about traffic issues related to development projects, i.e. trucks blocking streets or parking in inappropriate areas; noisy vehicles causing congestion on smaller roads; or trucks traveling at high speeds? Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee
What is the procedure for requesting the installation of traffic lights, street signs and/or crosswalks in town? Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee
What is the procedure for requesting a change to the speed limit on a particular road? Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee
Who are the Federal, State and County Officials representing Sudbury? Town Clerk
How does the town ensure that walkways are fully accessible for persons with disabilities? Planning & Community Development
What are the names of the 9 watersheds in Sudbury? Ponds and Waterways Committee
How do I obtain a copy of a Death Certificate? Town Clerk
How can I get my soil tested and why is this a good idea? Ponds and Waterways Committee
What are my options if a Beaver dam is cauing a serious health hazard on or near my property? Health Department
What are my options if a Beaver dam is causing a serious health hazard on or around my property? Conservation Office
How do I apply for a special permit or a variance from the Board of Appeals? Building Department
What is the strange-looking orange machine I saw on the Sudbury River? Ponds and Waterways Committee
A pond near me is covered by green scum in the summer. What causes this and should I be worried about it? Ponds and Waterways Committee
I have a pond (or stream) on my property and would like to remove some trees and shrubs along the edge. Are there any restrictions I should be aware of? Ponds and Waterways Committee
I am having flooding problems on my property due to beaver activity in the area. What can I do? Ponds and Waterways Committee
What are some ways to have an eco-friendly lawn? Ponds and Waterways Committee
New Trench Regulation - What are the requirements for the excavation and trench safety regulation? Building Department
If I have household hazardous waste and missed Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day in Sudbury, what do I do? Health Department
How do I get more information on Lyme Disease and tick related topics? Health Department
Whom should I contact concerning wild animals- i.e: foxes, skunks, raccoons, etc Health Department
Should I contact the Board of Health about road-kill? Health Department
Who do I contact regarding flu shot/ flu clinic information? Health Department
How close can a proposed house addition be from a septic system? Health Department
What do I do if I have Mosquito complaints/questions/concerns regarding mosquito spraying/ non-spraying? Health Department
I am selling my house. How do I get a Title 5 septic inspection? Health Department
How do I dispose of old propane tanks? Fire Department
Is there an area for Community Gardening in Sudbury? Conservation Commission
Why does the fire engine come when I call for the ambulance? Fire Department
What are the veteran benefits available to women veterans? Veterans' Agent
What are the Federal Benefits coordinated by the Veterans' Services Office? Veterans' Agent
What Local/State Services and Benefits are available to eligible veterans? Veterans' Agent
Which veterans are eligible for services under Massachusetts General Laws? Veterans' Agent
What is the Federal and State definition of a "Veteran"? Veterans' Agent
Where do I bring my hazardous waste? Transfer Station / Recycling Center
When is the deadline for filing for an abatement? Collector / Treasurer
What options do residents have in regards to Coyotes on their property? Police Department
How do I schedule an inspection? Building Department
When does the Building Department Issue Permits? Building Department
When are elections held? Town Clerk
What is the process for becoming an Election Worker at the Polls? Town Clerk
How do I obtain a copy of a Marriage Certificate? Town Clerk
How is a dog license obtained? Town Clerk
Where do I apply for a DBA Certificate/Business Certificate? Town Clerk
What is the process for obtaining a Marriage License? Town Clerk
Where do I vote? Town Clerk
How do I obtain a copy of a Birth Certificate? Town Clerk
How do I apply for an appointment to a Town Committee? Selectmen's Office
How do I calculate my speeding ticket? Police Department
Is there a charge for false alarms? Police Department
Can I have my fingerprints done at the police station? Police Department
When am I required to file an accident report? Police Department
What happens when I call 911? Police Department
If I have an emergency, what information do you need? Police Department
What will the Planning Board do with the Master Plan? Will it be another study that collects dust on the office shelves? Planning & Community Development
How often does the Planning Board meet? Is it easy to get on an agenda? Planning & Community Development
How can I obtain a burning permit? Fire Department
Can I bring my children to visit the fire station? Fire Department
How do I go about removing an Underground Storage Tank? Fire Department
Should all four quarterly tax payments be in equal amounts? Assessors Office
Why does my assessment change if I don't make any changes to my house? Assessors Office
What should I do if I think my assessment is too high? Assessors Office
Does the Assessor need to inspect my house? Assessors Office
Once the M.S.R.P. has been established for a vehicle, I am interested in purchasing; how can I determine how much I will have to pay in excise tax? Assessors Office
How can I find out if my mortgage company has paid my tax bill? Collector / Treasurer
If I paid less for my car than the value on the bill, is there an error? Assessors Office
When are tax bills issued? Collector / Treasurer
If I move from Sudbury to another municipality in Massachusetts, to which community do I pay my bill? Assessors Office
When are tax bills due? Collector / Treasurer
I sold my car; do I still owe this bill? Assessors Office
How can my mortgage company get my bill? Collector / Treasurer
If I move out of state, do I still owe the bill? Assessors Office
Why isn't my name shown as the record owner on my tax bill? Collector / Treasurer
How is new construction assessed? Assessors Office
When making a tax payment, who do I make the check out to? Collector / Treasurer
What does the town do with its old computer equipment? Information Systems
What is an excise tax? Collector / Treasurer
What determines Massachusetts residency? Collector / Treasurer
How is excise tax computed? Collector / Treasurer
What if I don't own the vehicle for the entire year? Collector / Treasurer
Where can I find more information and answers to other questions about Motor Vehicle and Trailer Excise taxes? Collector / Treasurer
Is camping permitted on town conservation lands? Conservation Office
Are there any poisonous snakes in Sudbury? Conservation Office
I am a retired town employee and have questions about my benefits; who should I call? Human Resources / Assistant Town Manager
Where can I get the permit forms for a wetlands filing? Conservation Office
What are the emergency closing and delay policies? Sudbury School Committee
What are the Bus transportation policies? Sudbury School Committee
What are the hours of operation of the Transfer Station? Transfer Station / Recycling Center
What are the minimum area and frontage requirements in residential zones? Building Department
How do I know if I need a wetlands permit? Conservation Commission
What are the residential setbacks? Building Department
How often does the Conservation Commission meet? Conservation Commission
How do I apply for a Building Permit? Building Department
How do I find out when a program I'm interested in is playing? Cable Television Committee
How do I submit a notice to be posted on the Sudbury Channel 8 Community Bulletin Board? Cable Television Committee
What is the fee for a sign application? Design Review Board
When does the Design Review Board meet? Design Review Board
If I am looking for payment for goods or services that I have provided to the Town, who should I call? Accounting Department
I have a question about my income taxes. Should I call the Town Accountant's office? Accounting Department

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