Lincoln-Sudbury Regional Schools

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School

This public high school covers both the towns of Lincoln and Sudbury and can be found at 390 Lincoln Rd, Sudbury. Known to many residents as simply “LS”, the school plays a huge role in the community and truly values the diversity of its students.

Sudbury Public Schools

Ephraim Curtis Middle School

Located at 22 Pratt’s Mill Rd, this school is the one public middle school in Sudbury and houses grades 6 through 8. Commonly referred to as just “Curtis”, this facility is a center for academic clubs, school sports, and arts performances.

General John Nixon Elementary School

Located at 472 Concord Rd, this is one of the four public elementary schools in Sudbury. Kindergarteners through 5th grade students at the school get to enjoy a variety of annually activities hosted here, including the “Monster Mash” Halloween Bash. Nicknamed”Nixon”, this school endeavors to teach staff and students to cooperate, aim high, be safe, do their best effort, and to be respectful and kind.

Josiah Haynes Elementary School

Another one of the four elementary schools in Sudbury, Haynes can be found at 169 Haynes Rd.

Peter Noyes Elementary School

The largest of the elementary schools in Sudbury, Noyes is located at 280 Old Sudbury Rd, right by town center.

Israel Loring Elementary School

Located at 80 Woodside Rd, Loring teaches kindergarten through 5th grade. Dedicated to helping its students reach their potential, this school makes an effort to teach the core values of the school community-respect, responsibility, best effort, and caring.



Aruna’s Place

Located at 8 Stone Rd, this facility is a day care and child care center as well as a preschool. Aruna’s Place offers both “Caterpillar” programs for kids ages 2 years 9 months to 4 years and a “Butterfly” pre-kindergarten program for kids who turn 4 years old before September 30th.

The Language Enrichment Arts Program (L.E.A.P.) School

This preschool, found at 123 Dakin Rd in Sudbury, is one of four LEAP School locations. Weekly open houses offer a chance for parents to tour the school and learn more about the program.

Sudbury Cooperative Preschool

Found at 6 Church Street, Sudbury Coop is dedicated to comfort, community and personal growth. This preschool offers a toddler class (starting at age 2), as well as age 3 and pre-kindergarten classes.

Sudbury Integrated Preschool

The Sudbury Integrated Preschool is dedicated to teaching three to five year olds with and without special needs. Students have the opportunity to work with a variety of educational specialists, including preschool special educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech/language pathologists. Currently, Peter Noyes Elementary School houses the Sudbury Integrated Preschool, but the program location is subject to change based on the district needs from year to year.

Sunny Hill Preschool

Located at 251 Old Sudbury Rd, right next to the Sudbury United Methodist Church, this preschool aims to encourage each child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.  Classes are offered for children who are 2.9 years in September as well as three and four year olds.

WoodsEdge Children’s Center

Located at 42 Prides Crossing, this preschool offers both full and part time schedules for children. Following the philosophy that “one size does not fit all” this school works to create a quality program offering small class sizes with low teacher/child ratios.


Drivers’ Education

Christo’s Driving School

Focused on developing safe and responsible drivers, Christo’s offers both driver’s education classes as well as driving lessons taught by great instructors. Its Sudbury office is located at 410 Boston Post Rd, in the Rugged Bear Plaza.

Anderson’s Driving School

Helping kids to learn how to drive safely and responsibly, Anderson’s offers driver’s education classes at Wayland High School, 264 Old Connecticut Path, Wayland. Their skilled instructors also teach driving lessons for students from a variety of nearby towns, including Sudbury.



Kumon Math and Reading Center

Located at 416 Boston Post Rd, this facility offers a year-round academic enrichment program for children of all levels and allows students to begin the program at any time throughout the year.


Found at 383 Boston Post Rd, Mathnasium is a learning center entirely devoted to teaching math. They help kids in grades 2-12 understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them.

Math Learning Center

Located at 322 Boston Post Rd, this learning center holds open/drop-in sessions on reading, writing, and arithmetic from 3-5 PM on Wednesdays and from 8-10 AM on Saturdays.20