Landham Rd Intersection Project On Draft List for State Funding

The Town of Sudbury is pleased to see the long-awaited intersection improvement project at Landham Road and Route 20 take a big step closer to receiving construction funding as part of the federal fiscal year (FFY) 2019 statewide funding list. The proposed project at the un-signalized intersection, prone to congestion and vehicular accidents, will involve the installation of traffic signals, lane reconfiguration, and bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

The project is included in the draft FFYs 2019–23 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which was approved at the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) meeting on April 12, 2018. The draft has been released for a 30-day public review period. The MPO expects to vote to endorse the TIP at its meeting on May 24, 2018.

The project is proposed for inclusion in the Highway Safety Improvement Program, which is a program designed to reduce the number of automobile fatalities and injuries by targeting high-crash locations and causes. Projects selected for this type of funding are chosen based on a data-driven process and identified as part of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan. An intersection must be in the top 5% of all intersection crash clusters of its geographic region based on Massachusetts Department of Transportation statewide crash database, or from the regional planning association’s ranked list, or a combination of the two in order to be selected.

“We were very happy to learn that the Landham Road intersection improvement project has been included in the draft TIP for 2019 funding by the state,” said Board of Selectmen Chairman Robert Haarde. “I’d like to recognize Selectman Carty, Selectman Brown, town staff and the residents who persistently lobbied the state to bring this to fruition. I’d also like to thank the state for working with the town to make this intersection safer.”

The Landham Road Project is located at the intersection of Landham Road and Route 20. The project is at 100% design and ready for construction pending completion of right of way acquisitions by the state and the development of final specifications. MassDOT is the project proponent and has designed a project addressing the concerns identified in a Traffic Safety Audit and a Central Transportation Planning study. MassDOT’s Project Review Committee approved the project for potential funding in July 2013 and the 25% design was submitted in October 2015. The 100% design was completed in 2017.

The Town has long prioritized reconstruction of the intersection, and it remained the number one priority listed by the town on the TIP. The intersection had 170 reported accidents in ten years, and in May 2011 there was a motor vehicle accident that caused a fatality. If the TIP approved next month by the MPO includes the intersection improvement project, construction could begin as early as 2020.


The intersection of Landham Road and Route 20.

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