Board of Selectmen’s Newsletter

Selectmen's Quarterly Newsletter highlighting Town topics and policies.
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Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - August 24, 2020 In this issue: Reflections from Board Member Pat Brown, Brandale Randolph Interview, EEE Update, Sudbury Park & Recreation, Eversource Transmission Line Project Update.
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - July 15, 2020 In this issue: Statement on Racial Justice, COVID-19: Sudbury Response, Fairbank Project, Transportation Initiatives, Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, SudburyTV
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - March 4, 2020 In this issue: Incoming Town Manager Henry L. Hayes, Jr., Proposed Fire Station 2 Addition, Annual Town Meeting & Election, New Fairbank Community Center Proposal
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - November 5, 2019 In this issue: Complete Streets Program, Town Manager Search, EEE, Wayside Inn Road Bridge, Sewataro Property
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - August 7, 2019 In this issue: Thank you to Town Manager Melissa Murphy-Rodrigues, Historic Preservation & the Demolition Bylaw, Board of Health, Transportation Improvements in Sudbury and Town Budget Process
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - May 29, 2019 In this issue: New Selectmen Roberts and Schineller, Sudbury Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness, Thank you to Debbie Dineen and Mark Herweck, Fairbank Community Center Project Update and Camp Sewataro Property Acquisition Update
Board of Selectmen’s Newsletter – February 5, 2019 In this issue: Annual Town Meeting, Employee of the Year, Stearns Mill Pond Dam and DPW Fuel Island, Adam Duchesneau, PCD Director, Melone/Quarry North and Park & Recreation Projects Update
Board of Selectmen’s Newsletter – November 14, 2018 In this issue: Senior Center Director, CPC Proposals 2019, Holiday Giving, Camp Sewataro and BFRT Updates
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - Aug. 15, 2018 In this issue: Public Safety, MS4 Permit, Town Social Worker, Roadway Preservation & Maintenance and Melone Property Disposition
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - April 24, 2018 In this issue: Stearns Mill Pond Dam and Sutton Road Bridge, Livable Sudbury Community, BFRT Update, Meadow Walk Update and Fairbank Community Center Project Update
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - Feb. 28, 2018 In this issue: Landham Road Intersection, Marijuana Town Forum, OPEB Update, School District Admin/Struct. Options, Fairbank Community Center Update and 2018 Annual Town Meeting
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - Oct. 27, 2017 In this issue: Marijuana Law, Fairbank Community Center Update, Transportation Needs, Eversource Update, Understanding CPA Finances and Fire Station #2
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - July 3, 2017 In this issue: 2017 Annual Town Meeting, MS4 Permit, Meadow Walk, Eversource and Community Compact
Board of Selectmen's Newsletter - Feb 17, 2017 In this issue: Sudbury Station, Fairbank Community Center, Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and Town Hall

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