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02 - How much would designing and constructing a rail trail in Sudbury cost?

Construction costs are highly variable. Factors that make this cost highly variable include the costs of building bridges, highway crossings and other special situations. In general, construction costs of projects constructed in accordance with state and federal standards are estimated to be $1 million per linear mile. In 2006, the Town of Sudbury awarded a contract to the consulting firm Fay, Spofford and Thorndike to carry out an engineering and environmental assessment of the rail trail. FST estimated that the construction cost for a trail on the 4.6-mile EOT-managed section would be about $4 M, depending on the width and type of trail surface. The design cost was estimated at around $550,000.

The projected costs are preliminary, and subject to change. Projected construction costs in Acton have nearly doubled from the estimates made in the preliminary engineering and environmental assessment for that town; these projections are guidelines only.

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