Sudbury's Seasonal Album

Each season, the Sudbury Town homepage selects a few images to showcase our community to the world. The photographs displayed on the homepage are randomly selected from the pool of images below.

[Photo:  Davis Field]

Davis Field Conservation and Recreation property is located on Route 117.

[Photo:  First Parish Church]

First Parish Church is located on Concord Road. This view is from Concord Road in early Spring.

[Photo:  Goodnow Road in early spring]

This is Goodnow Road in Sudbury. The picture was taken by the Town Assessor, Maureen Hafner in the early spring of 2002.

[Photo:  Loring Parsonage & Town Hall]

This is a front view of the Loring Parsonage. The brick building is the Sudbury Town Hall.

[Photo:  Minuteman Statue]

This picture of the Minuteman Statue was taken from the Presbyterian Church property.

[Photo:  Minuteman Statue]

This view of the Minuteman Statue was taken from the Revolutionary War Cemetery on Concord Road.

[Photo:  Minuteman Statue]

This view of the Minuteman Statue overlooks the Town Center.

[Photo:  Pear Trees in Bloom]

These pear trees are on Walker Farm Road.

[Photo:  Revolutionary Cemetery]

The cemetery on Concord Road with the Presbyterian Church in the background and the First Parish Church steeple.

[Photo:  Town Hall]

Town Hall after a rain storm.

[Photo:  Town Hall]

The Town Hall is located at 322 Concord Road. This picture shows the pillars in the front of the Town Hall. The buildings in the background are the Grange Hall and the Presbyterian Church.

[Photo:  Wayside Inn (Florence Hosmer Painting)]

Florence Hosmer is a well-known painter who lived in Sudbury.

[Photo:  Willis Pond Dock]

“New” Willis Pond Dock Funded by Community Preservation Act
Peter Glass, representing the Recreation Commission, presented the Commission with their request for $6,000 to purchase a new aluminum dock that replaced an existing wood dock at Willis Pond.

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