Sudbury's Seasonal Album

Each season, the Sudbury Town homepage selects a few images to showcase our community to the world. The photographs displayed on the homepage are randomly selected from the pool of images below.

[Photo:  Four Arched Bridge in Wayland]

The Causeway and four-arch bridge in Wayland. The Bridge is first with four arches in Middlesex County. This one replaces an older, wooden one. The bridge marks the furthest point of advance by King Philip's braves on April 21, 1676.

[Photo:  A Sudbury Farm]
[Photo:  Barn and Driveway on New Bridge Road]

The morning after our first snow fall on Nov 13, 2004. The picture is of our barn/driveway on New Bridge Road.

[Photo:  First Parish Church at Dawn]

327 Concord Road

[Photo:  Grange Hall]

Old Sudbury Road

[Photo:  Hosmer House]

299 Old Sudbury Road

[Photo:  Loring Parsonage]

288 Old Sudbury Road

[Photo:  Martha Mary Chapel]

Wayside Inn Road

[Photo:  Minuteman Memorial]
[Photo:  Peter Noyes Elementary School]
[Photo:  Piper Farm]
[Photo:  Red Barn]
[Photo:  Sudbury witnessing a beautiful sunset]

This was after a blizzard that shut Boston down and stranded me in Montreal. I had gotten a ride back with a friend and we were just coming into Sudbury during this wonderful sunset. The shot was taken at the northern side of the cemetery off of Concord road.

[Photo:  Sudbury Town Center]

Concord Road

[Photo:  Sudbury Town Hall]

322 Concord Road

[Photo:  Sudbury Town Center]

Concord Road

[Photo:  Water Row Swamp]

Water Row

[Photo:  Wayside Inn]
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