Wheelchair Fencing

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Modern fencing is an exciting and athletic sport which provides both a mental and physical workout! Wheelchair fencing takes place in a small, more compact space than able-bodied fencing allowing fencers to bout at an arms length from one another. Wheelchair fencers do not have to use a wheelchair as their main form of mobility, rather, anyone who has a mobili ty impairment is welcome to participate! All fencing equipment is provided but participants must bring their own wheelchair (power or manual). This is a beginner program and everyone is welcome to participate!

DAY: Friday

TIME: 7:00-8:30 PM

DURATION: 6 weeks

DATE: Oct 12– Nov 16

AGE: 10+

COST: $224

WHERE: 267 Maple Street Unit 1 Crossroads Fencing Marlborough, MA

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