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Private Program: Ignite U!

Published on Monday, 11/18/2013 11:30 am | by Inclusive and Adaptive Recreation | Automatically Archived on 11/25/2013

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Join Ignite!U, Enrichment through Exercise, this winter and workout with an Ignite! U NeuroMotive Coach! Sessions will begin with a physical warm up, progress through focus and attention drills, and work on individual fitness goals. Movement and exercise enhances the brain's ability to create new neurons and new neural pathways. When a new skill is learned, new neural connections in the brain are made. With new neural pathways comes the opportunity for solutions to problem behaviors, learned perseverance, reduced learned helplessness ultimately arming the mind for better thinking and performance. Ignite! U Coaches work with clients with Autism, ADHD, Stroke, Brain Injury, MS, and chemotherapy patients in a fitness setting. Register for a class online and the instructor will call you to se up a schedule.

DAY & TIME: Scheduled on a person to person basis


COST: $60/session

DATES: Jan. 4- Apr. 4

WHERE: Crossfit, 79 Main Street Boylston, MA

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