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Enrichment through exercise at Ignite! U looks like this…The Neuro Motive coach sets the intention and creates a goal for the children that day (cognitive and physical). The pre-activity begins, children complete a cognitive task, pertaining to the goal. We warm-up, igniting the production of neural growth hor-mones and open the brain to whole-brain functioning, through functional, sometimes complex, heart pumping movements. The lesson is where we work on the cognitive task desired, now that brain is primed through exercise and focus drills, the child is an optimal state for learning. Post anchoring activities are where the cognitive and physical goal for the day is tested, through a heart pumping workout or game!

DAY: Tues. and Thur.

SESSION 1: June 3– 26

SESSION 2: July 1 –31

SESSION 3: August 5-28

TIME: 12:00-3:00 PM

AGE: 5- 12

COST: $302/session

WHERE: 79 Main St. Boylston, MA @ CrossFit Brutality

Instructed by Joshua Love, Neuro Motive Coach, Ignite! U, Enrichment Through Exercise

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