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Foam Sword Adventures

Published on Tuesday, 4/1/2014 12:37 pm | by Inclusive and Adaptive Recreation | Automatically Archived on 6/3/2014

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What do you get when you mix Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings with basic instruction in swordsmanship and lessons in teamwork and creative problem solving? You get a romping good time filled with physical and fun education! Students will learn basic guards, strikes and tactics. Then, with a little creative flair, the novice sword fighters play games that require strategizing, teamwork, problem solving and an accurate sword arm, or take on the roles of fantasy heroes. Why pick up a video game when you can unplug and live the adventure?

DAY: Saturday

TIME: 12:45-1:45PM

DATES: May 3-June 7

DURATION: 6 weeks

AGE: 6-10

COST: $182


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