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About the System Status

Information Systems maintains an external status page hosted in AWS. You can visit it now at http://status.sudbury.ma.us

The System Status page tracks the status of Sudbury’s different technology systems and is meant to convey incidents that may affect the public’s experience of our outward facing services, as well as conveying the status of various systems that keep the town offices running.  These services include:

  • Power
  • Internet Access
  • Web Apps
  • Phone Systems
  • Email
  • And more

Some of these systems are monitored by automatic systems implemented by Information Systems, while the status of other systems need to be manually updated. This means that if you are experiencing an issue with any of the systems listed on the status page, please contact Information Systems:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (978) 639 – 3306

What this doesn’t monitor:

  • This application does NOT monitor the service status of it’s residents; however, because the town uses the same Verizon and Comcast internet lines that many residents use, you might find that the System Status page reflects the status of your home internet connection as a single outage with Comcast or Verizon has the potential to affect the entire town

We hope that this system will better connect residents to the town departments and committees




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