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The Challenge: To take a virtual swim across a body of water of your choice. Enjoy the satisfaction of swimming along these magnificent bodies of water without ever leaving the comfort of the Atkinson Pool during the month of May!

The Options: 

Option A:  is to swim the 7.5 mile (12,400 yards) equivalent to the Cape Cod Canal. 

                                  Option B:   is to swim the 16 mile (26,400 yards) equivalent to the Concord River.

                             Option C:  is to swim the 32 mile ( 52,800 yards) equivalent to the Sudbury River.

                                  Option D:  is to swim the 50 mile (88,000 yards) equivalent to the Panama Canal.

Option E:  is to swim the 85 mile (140,800 yards) equivalent to the Charles River.

Super Challenge:

Swim the equivalent of Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida  105 miles (173,250 yards)


Join the 6th Annual Atkinson Pool Fitness Challenge with a twist! All participants will need to choose what option they want to swim; they will then receive a special booklet to keep track of their daily
yardage for that particular option. After each swim the participant will write their yardage in their booklet and drop it off at the front desk. The pool will keep track of the participants

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