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Heating Project Timeline and Updates

Published on Monday, 3/18/2013 7:37 pm | by Atkinson Pool | Automatically Archived on 4/13/2013

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UPDATED (3/28) Crane work will take place on Thursday and Friday of this week.  March 28 & 29th.

Removal of old unit is complete.  Installation of new unit is anticipated to start at 9am on Friday morning.  We anticipate the pool being closed between 9am-12pm on Friday while the crane is working overhead.

Saturday 3/16 – we re-located a pool heater outside and connected it to the pools to provide heat to the water in each pool.  There is only one heater for two pools, a manual change over must be done as needed for each pool.

Sunday 3/17 – New boilers were put in place and piping began.

Monday 3/18 – New Piping continues to be installed.

Monday 3/25 – Electricians and Sheet Metal workers will shut down and start dismanteling roof top unit.  Temporary ventilation will be installed in the pool windows at this time.


Thursday 3/28 – A crane will remove old roof top heating unit between 7-10am (Call pool first to see if we are open 443-1092).  A new roof curb will be installed and roofing repairs will be made.

Friday 3/29 – The crane will lift and install the new heating unit between 9am-12pm (Call pool first to see if we are open 443-1092). The new unit will be wired in, roofing work will continue.

 – If all goes as planned, some components of this project will become operational by the end of the day.  Final tuning and programming will take place the following week, along with pool piping connected to the new heat exchangers.

We ask that you be patient during this time of construction, the short periods of time that we will have to close the pool are for everyones safety.  A lot of planning has gone into this project to minimize the down time and to keep the pools operational.  This project is replacing origional equipment that is 25 years old and was installed when the pool was built.  The new system should be much more efficient and dependable.

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