A message from Anne Slugg, Chairperson

Welcome to the website for Sudbury Ponds and Waterways Committee.

We are currently looking for new members so please contact us using the email link below if you are interested. Be sure to check out our map collection and archive of interesting articles.

The mission of the PWC is to:

ΓÇó Study: Actively promote and/or initiate research as necessary to assess conditions, evaluate remedial alternatives, support pond sustainability and explore future uses of all the Town’s ponds and waterways as a public, recreational resource.

ΓÇó Restore Ponds and Waterways: Develop and recommend to the Selectmen a plan cooperatively with other stakeholders that would restore the publicly owned ponds and waterways in a timely fashion.

ΓÇó Monitor: Pond and stream water quality and wildlife monitoring will provide an important scientific database for future actions.

ΓÇó Identify Funding Sources: At some point, private philanthropy and public grant assistance will be critical components of implementing any long-term remediation efforts. While not authorized to independently fundraise, the Committee should identify all potential funding sources for these efforts, assess their viability, and coordinate their execution.

ΓÇó Educate: The Committee must raise public awareness, provide education about the problems and solutions, and build public support in the community for the proposed monitoring and remediation efforts.

ΓÇó Build a Constituency: A large number of individuals and entities (corporations, non-profit organizations and foundations) in the region committed to this vision are needed to become stewards, financial supporters and advocates for the Town’s ponds and waterways. The Committee should explore potential partnerships with such organizations and advocate for their sustained commitment to maintaining pond and waterway quality. The Committee should also consider the citizens of Sudbury as a “key constituency” whose support and cooperation will be of critical importance.

ΓÇó Report: Report annually to the Board of Selectman regarding ponds and waterways quality and their potential for public recreational usage.

ΓÇó Review: Participate in the review of the Town Meeting articles and present comments and recommendations on those that affect the ponds and waterways.

ΓÇó Engage: Undertake all such other actions and activities as are consistent with this charge.

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