American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA)

The Town of Sudbury will receive approximately $5.9 million over two years for “COVID-19 economic relief” from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). ARPA funds may be used only toward the following categories: 

  • Support public health
  • Address COVID-19 economic impacts
  • Replace lost public sector revenue
  • Provide premium pay for essential workers
  • Invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure for underserved communities


Update 6/30/22: Sudbury’s ARPA Fund Allocation to Date

Below is a list of all ARPA allocations made to date. Of the $5,876.013.78 total allotment, $309,013.78 remains unallocated. $2,937,506.89 of the Federal funds have been received by the Town and another $2,937,506.89 remains to be distributed after June 29, 2022.

Project Allocation
ARPA Consultant (Powers & Sullivan) voted Jan. 4, 2022 $40,000.00
Basic needs gift cards (Jail Diversion Prog., Senior Center, Social Work Dept) $20,000.00
Consultant – Economic Development Consultant $35,000.00
Fairbank Community Center – construction funding to provide contingency funds/other funding in light of higher project bidding results $1,600,000.00
Fairbank Community Center – Water line replacement $400,000.00
Fire – Equipment (stretcher, stair chair, CPR machine) $55,000.00
Fire – Opioid impacts offset  $12,500.00
Fire Station #2 – living/office addition increased project costs $1,000,000.00
Health – Additional Social Worker Services $170,000.00
Health – Funds to hire a consultant/trainers to assist with development of the DEI Commission’s mission and action steps. $15,000.00
Health – Mental Health Counselor $166,000.00
Health – Nursing Services (re-purposed from COVID-19 test kits) $50,000.00
Health – Sudbury Community Food Pantry COVID-19 mitigation $100,000.00
HOPEsudbury Community Resource Fund $75,000.00
Housing – COVID Small Grant Program for deferred maintenance due to COVID loss of income, available to homeowners and small landlords $75,000.00
Housing – Mortgage Assistance program, providing two months of mortgage principal assistance $75,000.00
Housing – Tenant rental assistance program for residents impacted by COVID $125,000.00
Info Systems – Hybrid Meeting Equipment $78,000.00
Info Systems – Website – scan of all documents $35,000.00
Info Systems – Website – skilled web developer  $40,000.00
LSRHS – Ventilation system upgrades $100,000.00
Park & Rec – 2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van* $100,000.00
Police – Body Camera/Cruiser Camera Program $150,000.00
Police – Medical Equipment $9,500.00
SPS – Social and Emotional Learning $420,000.00
SPS – Summer academic program $620,000.00
Total Allocated Projects (as of 6/28/2022) $5,566,000.00

*Pending further discussion


Update 3/1/22: ARPA Listening Session Scheduled for Thursday, March 24, 2022


Update 1/25/22: Time Sensitive Fund Allocation

At their January 18, 2022 meeting, the Select Board allocated $2,001,000 in ARPA funds towards time sensitive needs ($40,000 allocated on Jan. 4), as shown below:

Proposed Project Cost Estimate
ARPA Consultant (Powers & Sullivan) voted Jan. 4, 2022 $40,000
Additional Social Worker Services $170,000
Basic needs gift cards (Jail Diversion Prog., Senior Center, Social Work Dept) $20,000
Mental Health Counselor $166,000
At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits (for residents who cannot afford/access testing) $50,000
SPS: Summer academic program $620,000
SPS: Social and Emotional Learning $420,000
LSRHS: Ventilation system upgrades $100,000
Fairbank Community Center: Water line replacement $400,000
Fire: Equipment (stretcher, stair chair, CPR machine) $55,000
  $2,041,000 Total


For more details, please see Time Sensitive Items Memo and “2022 Jan 18 outcomes” tab of ARPA – Compiled Request Listing spreadsheet document.


ARPA Guidelines

State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds

Info Guides


Public Input

A FlashVote survey was conducted in October 2021 to learn more about the priorities that Sudbury residents would like to see ARPA funds directed toward. ARPA Flashvote Results


ARPA Survey – Your Ideas
Sudbury residents, businesses, non-profits and other constituents have been invited to share their ideas for use of Sudbury’s ARPA funds. A town-wide American Rescue Plan Survey on Constant Contact was open through November 30, 2021.



Time Sensitive Items Memo (Town Manager to Select Board) – January 13, 2022

Town Manager Considerations for Select Board – September 24, 2021

ARPA Sudbury Compiled Request Listing DRAFT – November 3, 2021 



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