Non-Essential Town Offices will be Closing at 2:00 PM

Published February 12, 2019 | Selectmen's Office | Automatically Archived on 2/13/2019

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The Town Offices will be closing early at 2:00 PM due to the storm and road conditions. This includes Flynn Building, Town Hall, Fairbank Community Center (including Atkinson Pool, Council on Aging, and Recreation offices and services), the Goodnow Library and non-essential offices at the Department of Public Works building.  Sudbury Public Schools is closing the Curtis Middle School at 11:45 AM and the Elementary schools will be closing at 12:45 PM.  Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School will be closing at 12:01 PM.  Police, Fire and DPW/Highway departments will remain open.

If you have a snow emergency please call the DPW Storm Emergency Line at (978) 440-5411.

If conditions change this message will be updated.

Melissa Murphy-Rodrigues, Town Manager

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