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A Message from Anna Wood, CTRS,Specialization in Community Inclusion Services

Inclusive and Adaptive Recreation

Anna Wood, CTRS

As a Recreation Therapist as well as the Sudbury Park and Recreation Department's Adaptive Sports & Recreation Specialist, I am excited to provide community members of all abilities with the opportunity to get out and recreate...and what better place to do that than at your local community Park and Recreation Department!  I am excited to design and deliver programs that work to provide community members with disabitlies with the same access, options, and opportunities as people without disabtilies. Recognizing the importance of recreation and leisure in the lives of all community members, the adaptive sports and recreation programs strives to improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities through continued and successful involvement in sports and recreation programs.

Yours in Recreation,

Anna Wood, CTRS®

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