Flags of HOPE Project, Town Hall - February 2 & 3 2002

Flags of Hope Project, February 2&3

The HOPEsudbury committee held it's first event on an icy day.

Eileen Babick, Alexa(left),Erika(right)

Eileen Babick assists Alexa and Erika coloring.

Amy Lepak

Amy Lepak plays keyboard while a local student turns the page.


Alexa obviously is enjoying the event.

Superintendant of Schools, Bill Hurley

Bill Hurley talks about community in Sudbury.

Historic Map of Sudbury

Even the maps are decorated with red, white, and blue balloons.

HOPE flags

A string of HOPE flags decorates the front of Town Hall.

A message of peace

This purple HOPE flag portrays hope for a more peaceful future.

More HOPE flags

HOPE flags are displayed throughout Town Hall.

Rob DeFreitas with daughter Kayla, 6

Rob DeFreitas and Kayla take some time to color.

Tanya Watts and Nicholas

Tanya and Nicholas Watts create a flag of HOPE.

HOPE flags

Cold weather does not intrude on the warmth created supporting those in need.