Teen Center Event – What to Expect

The Night of the Teen Center Event – What to Expect

Please review the following information regarding the actual night of Teen Center events:

What is there to do?

There is something for everyone at Teen Center events! We encourage Sudbury students of all abilities to come out, have fun, and socialize!


-Buy a snack

-Lounge with friends on the couches

-Play pool, foos ball, air hockey, Wii, Nintendo, or any of our arcade games

-Pick music on the Jukebox in the game room

-Watch TV

-Hang out and talk

-Some nights there will be special events running, call the Teen Center and ask!

Drop Off:

You can drop your student off at the Jean Lind Teen Center, 40 Fairbank Road, at 7:30pm. Students will not be allowed into the building before 7:30pm.

Please be sure that your child has their Teen Center ID card with them. If they come without an ID card, your child will have to wait outside until all other teens with ID cards have entered. At that point, we will be able to check them in using our computer registration program.

Dress Code:

The Jean Lind Teen Center dress code is as follows:

-Shirts must provide appropriate front and back coverage. Strapless shirts or shirts that expose student’s waistline/midriff or cleavage are not allowed.

– Clothing and hats with inappropriate words or pictures (weapons, offensive logos, derogatory language, gang symbolism, etc) are not allowed.

-Shirts, pants, tank tops, shorts, skirts, capris, etc must be without excessive rips, tears, or holes.

If your student comes to Teen Center events with any of the above on, they will be asked to change or leave. Spare clothing provided by the Recreation Department will be at events and your students will be asked to wear these items if Teen Center staff feel as though their clothing is too revealing, offensive, or inappropriate. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Cell Phone Policy:

Your student can bring his/her cell phone to Teen Center events. HOWEVER, they are not allowed to talk on their phones unless in specified areas. Please make all pick up plans before dropping you student off to help lessen the use of cell phones at events.

Bags, Purses, and Jackets:

If your student brings a bag, purse, or jacket to a Teen Center event, he/she will be asked to place it in our coat area, which is locked from 8:00pm-9:55pm. This is done to assure your student’s safety and to eliminate the possibility of things being stolen or misplaced. To assure that valuables are not lost, do not allow your student to bring with them anything valuable including ipods, video games, excessive amounts of money, etc. Teen Center staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items. ** If your student has an epi pen, inhaler, or other emergency medication, please ask them to leave it at the snack bar with their name clearly labeled on it.

Pick Up:

Students will not be permitted to leave the Teen Center before 10:00pm. If you need to pick up your student early, you will be asked to come inside the building to sign them out. If your student leaves before 10:00pm without permission and without being signed out, he/she will not be allowed at the next Teen Center event. There are no exceptions.

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