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How do I cancel my monthly membership?


Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time after the initial 3 month minimum commitment. Either send a letter in writing or an email to pool@sudbury.ma.us stating that you would like to cancel your membership by the last day of the month. All of the monthly memberships automatically get renewed on or around the 10th business day of the month. 

If you wish to discontinue your membership you may do so by notifying the Atkinson Pool in writing before the last day of the month.  And at this time the agreement shall become null and void.  If notification is not received by this time, the member will be charged for the ensuing month.

Membership cancellations must be done in writing; we do not accept verbal cancellations.  This is done primarily to ensure that the cancellations are handled properly and to reduce the risk of one getting lost.

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