Property Data Inspections

The Sudbury Assessing Department is in the process of conducting periodic property data inspections. This on-going program includes inspections relating to recent building permit activity, cyclical inspections, sales verification inspections as well as inspections relating to property appeals. The property inspection should take only several minutes, and will occur during week day hours. Our representative may take exterior measurements of the house and any detached structures; will request permission to enter the home to verify bedroom and bathroom count, physical condition, and quality of construction etc. The inspection may also provide an opportunity for the property owner to point out any conditions, modifications or changes in the property since the last inspection.

If, when the data collector comes to your door it is not a convenient time and an interior inspection seems called for, they will leave a door tag asking you to contact the department to verify information, or to schedule an appointment. 

The data collector is a representative of the Assessors’ Office. The data collector will carry an ID badge, Assessor’s letter of authorization (which will include department contact information). If the data collector uses a personal vehicle, the vehicle and registration details will be on file with the Sudbury Police Department. In addition, a daily listing of the neighborhoods to be visited will be provided to the Sudbury Police Department.

Important: Property owners are well within their rights to deny home entry. We understand there are circumstances which may cause reluctance to admit entry. We will do our utmost to work around the situation. Please do not hesitate contact our office with any questions or concerns regarding this program. [email protected] 978-639-3395

We thank you and appreciate your anticipated cooperation.

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