Tax Deferral Income Allowance now $72,000

Published March 19, 2009 | Assessors Office | Automatically Archived on 3/31/2009

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Chapter 458 of the Acts of 2008 provided an increase in the allowable income level relative to Clause 41A tax deferrals for FY 2009 and succeeding years.  The FY 2009 filing deadline for tax deferral is March 31, 2009.   An application for FY 2009 Clause 41A tax deferral will provide a means for those domiciled Sudbury property owners over the age of 60 whose calendar year 2007 income did not exceed $72,000, to enter into a tax deferral and recovery agreement with the Town of Sudbury.  The established interest rate for payback of FY 2009 deferred taxes is 2.5%.  Please contact the Assessors Office for further information on the program.  978-639-3395