FY 2022 Statutory Exemption and CPF Exemption Programs

The Fiscal Year 2022 Statutory Exemption filing season is now underway.  Our Office is currently accepting applications for M.G.L. c 59 sec 5 exemptions and will continue to do so through April 1, 2022.  The following exemption types are among the included categories: Disabled Veteran; Surviving Spouse/limited financial assets; Visually Impaired (legally blind); Certain Seniors over age 65/with limited income and assets.  Please see attached FY 2022-Statutory Exemption- Brochure for details on the available programs. 

In addition, the Community Preservation Surcharge Exemption filing season is also underway.  The Community Preservation Act which was adopted by Sudbury voters in March of 2002 establishes a funding source financed by surcharge revenues, and the Commonwealth of Mass. (with matching funds), for the purpose of open space, historical preservation and community housing projects and acquisitions. The amount of the surcharge applied to residential tax bills is just under 3% of the residential tax. One of the provisions of the Community Preservation Act is an allowance for exemption of the charge for certain moderate-income seniors, and low-income non-seniors. The attached FY2022-Community Preservation Brochure describes the qualifying income provisions.  Applications for the exemption programs described above are included as attachments.  If you would like a particular application type mailed, please contact our office either by telephone or by email. 978-639-3393 978-639-3395 [email protected]