I sold my car; do I still owe this bill?

I sold my car; do I still owe this bill?


Yes, but you may be entitled to a partial refund. The process for applying for a refund is as follows: To qualify for an abatement you must have either cancelled the license plates or transferred them to another vehicle.  For information on canceling your registration please click the link for the Registry and follow the "How do I"? instructions.  Registry of Motor Vehicles

The abatement application form is available from the Assessors Office, 978-639-3393.
The completed application form should be returned to the Assessors Office, 278 Old Sudbury Rd., Sudbury, Mass. 01776.

 For more information please view the comprehensive Motor Vehicle Excise Manual published by the Commonwealth of Mass. You can view the document in Adobe Acrobat by Clicking Here.

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