High Heat Alert 8/1 – 8/2

Published August 1, 2006 | Board of Selectmen | Automatically Archived on 8/4/2006

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The current hot weather is an extreme event for New England . The elderly, children, pets and those who work and play outside need to take special precautions to prevent it from becoming a serious life threatening situation.

If your home gets too hot, and you are looking  for cooler places to go in Town during the heat of the day, here are some suggestions: 

The Goodnow Library, Monday through Wednesday (9-9), Thursday and Friday (9-5) and Saturday (9-1). 

The Senior Center, Monday through Friday (9- 4).  The Senior Center van is available to seniors and will pick you up and bring you home again.  

The Musketahquid Community Center will be open Wednesday (7-5). 

Other options you can try are area shopping malls and indoor movie theaters.

The Center For Disease Control provides information regarding extreme heat. Click here to view.   http://www.bt.cdc.gov/disasters/extremeheat

Keep cool and play it safe this season.

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