AT&T backs off on promise to provide high-speed internet access in early 2001

Published July 30, 2001 | Cable Television Committee | Automatically Archived on 9/9/2001

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The following is a press release from the Sudbury Cable Television Committee, April 2001:

After vehemently promising an early 2001 deployment of digital cable and high-speed internet access (HSD) services in Sudbury, Maynard, Acton, Hudson, and Stow for nearly a year, AT&T Broadband (ATTb) has now decided to delay these services until 2002. They are blaming financial limitations for the delay. We in Sudbury believe that ATTb has seriously under-estimated the dissatisfaction and frustration this decision will generate, and believe their decision can be affected by appropriate action.

Over the last year, the Town of Sudbury negotiated a new 10 year license with Cablevision, and a transfer of the Sudbury cable system from Cablevision to AT&T Broadband (ATTb). During this entire process, Cablevision and ATTb representatives enthusiastically promised a prompt rollout of digital cable and high-speed internet access (HSD) in Sudbury by early 2001. They have virtually completed upgrading Sudbury

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