Recent Cable Programming Now Available on the Web

Published February 20, 2009 | Cable Advisor | Automatically Archived on 7/1/2009

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SudburyTV (Sudbury’s public access channel, formerly known as Sudbury Channel 8) is proud to announce that recent programming cablecast on our channel (COMCAST 8/FiOS 31) can now also be viewed on their website There is also a link in the About Sudbury section of the Town’s website, under Town Multimedia.  From your computer, you can watch Selectmen’s meetings, budget discussions, L/S concerts, and all other locally-produced programming, just like watching YouTube.

Also, our channel’s on-air Community Bulletin Board has received a complete makeover, and now includes local news, weather, and other valuable information alternating with your community notices. Check it out! (Instructions on how to post a notice can also be found at our website

Sudbury’s public cablecasting operation is now operated by a non-profit organization of Sudbury residents. SudburyTV receives funding from both COMCAST and Verizon and is focused on providing the town with the best community television possible. To learn more about us, and how you can get involved, visit our website at