CPA articles make up bulk of Town Meeting warrant

Published January 28, 2009 | Community Preservation Committee | Automatically Archived on 2/4/2009

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Town Manager Maureen Valente finalized the list of warrant articles for the April 2009 Town Meeting.

The majority, from the list of 31, pertain to the budget, Enterprise Fund, the Sudbury Housing Trust, amending bylaws and the Community Preservation Fund.

With 12 articles, the Community Preservation Fund has submitted the most.

“This year we don’t have any huge articles like last year,” said Town Planner Jody A. Kablack.

Some of the larger articles expense wise include the purchase of the CFX property, Article 21, which is a re-vote of last year’s article when the net price of $420,000 was submitted. “To be eligible for the state grant, we have asked the entire amount, estimated at $700,000, be appropriated,” said Kablack. “We hope to get a grant in the range of $250,000.”

Another larger article, about $230,000, will reserve 10 percent of the CPA housing allocation for the Sudbury Housing Trust.

“This is the third year an article will be presented,” said Kablack. “The previous two years were approved. We hope that this will be approved again and the Sudbury Housing Trust can continue in its mission to create affordable housing.”

The town planner believes the restoration of the Loring parsonage will also be a fairly large dollar amount. In 2006, Town Meeting voted to approve $72,000 worth of repairs, but less than $5,000 of that article was used. “When they took a harder look at the building, they realized more work needed to be done,” said Kablack. “The work is all for exterior restoration. The Historical Commission is working the Permanent Building Committee and an architectural consultant to determine the scope and get cost estimates.”

Four of the Community Preservation Fund articles involve no money. They are either extensions or re-allocations, said Kablack.