Seeking new members!

Published September 26, 2014 | Commission on Disability | Automatically Archived on 11/28/2014

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The Sudbury Commission on Disability is a pro-active advisory board that serves to ensure equal access for persons with disabilities within our community. To that end, this Commission works to influence local public policy by advising and working with the Board of Selectman, and the Town at large, on issues impacting persons with disabilities and their families. The Commission seeks to increase opportunities for persons with disabilities to reach their maximum potential in independence, productivity, and self-sufficiency when visiting or residing in the Town of Sudbury. The Commission on Disability works independently and in collaboration with other Town Departments to assure that Sudbury is accessible and accommodating to people with disabilities and we want you to join us!

The Sudbury Commission on Disability is currently seeking applications for new five new members!

Who can join? Anyone that is a resident of Sudbury. The Commission on Disability is made up of five to nine members, 51% of which have to have a disability. The Commission welcomes people who have a disability, people who work in a disability related field, people who have a family member with a disability, people who understand building construction and the ADA, and anyone else that is interested in disability related topics to join.

When are the meetings? The Commission on Disability meets the last Thursday of each month from 6:30-8:30PM at the Fairbank Community Center.

What projects is the Commission currently working on? The Commission on Disability is working on an accessible restaurant guide, recently completed an audit of all braille signage at Sudbury Public Schools and advises and makes recommendations to the town for all new constructions including buildings, trails, and memorials. The Commission periodically invites guests to meetings to inform and educate members regarding disability related topics and concerns. This Commission is actively involved with improving accessibility and services to enable all residents of Sudbury to share equally in town events and services, including access to retail and restaurant venues.

How do I join? Anyone interested in joining the Commission on Disability should plan to attend an upcoming meeting. Please visit to see the meeting calendar. Commission members are then appointed by the Selectmen, with the recommendation of the Commission, and serve, ideally, two-year terms. If you are passionate about creating equal access for people with disabilities, we encourage you to apply!

You can read the Commission mission statement here: Sudbury Commission on Disability Mission Statement. You can apply for membership with this form: Application for membership. Mail it to: Commission on Disability, 40 Fairbank Road, Sudbury, MA 01776