SPS SEPAC Offers Learning for Parents and More

Published October 19, 2019 | Commission on Disability | Updated October 30, 2019 | Automatically Archived on 10/30/2019

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Visit the Sudbury Special Education Parent Advisory Council for more information.


Wed Oct 23 7:00 PM  Senior Center – Learning Disorders: Dyslexia, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, ADHA, and Executive Function Disorder

Mon Oct 28 6:00 PM Codman Square Health Center, Dorchester – METCO Curriculum Night

Mon Oct 28 7:00 PM RJ Grey Junior High School, Acton – “Intelligent Lives” movie screening and chat with producer

Wed Nov 6 7:00 PM Concord-Carlisle HS –  Basic Rights Workshop: Evaluation and Eligibility

Wed Nov 12 6:30 PM Sudbury Senior Center – Special Education Parent Advisory Council meeting

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