Salt Brine Applicator Pilot

Published January 29, 2019 | Department of Public Works | Automatically Archived on 2/13/2019

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Sudbury recently invested in a new Salt Brine Applicator and machine to produce and apply salt brine to our roadways for Anti-icing. Anti-icing is the proactive treatment of the roadways prior to snow events, creating a brine on the roadway, between the pavement and snow. This helps prevent ice and hard-packed buildup along the road during the course of the snow event. The salt brine consists of 23.3% granular rock salt (sodium chloride), meaning the remaining solution is 76.7% water, which creates an economic and environmental savings for the community throughout the winter.

Today, the Public works department is piloting the Salt Brine on Old Lancaster Road  (from Concord Road to Hudson Road).

For more in-depth information on Anti-icing and salt brine, please see the Brine Fact Sheet from American Public Works Association (APWA) here.


Salt Brine Applicator

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