Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Businesses

Stormwater pollution sources are not always directly related to chemicals. Although construction sites use chemicals such as paints, solvents, and fuels, a significant stormwater contaminant common to construction sites results from poor silt and sediment containment. Heavy concentrations of sediments can clog catch basins which can cause localized flooding of streets, and impact retention basins and drywells decreasing their ability to infiltrate water into the ground. Additionally, sediment loading to our local waterways can contribute to the destruction of plant and wildlife habitats.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the Town of Sudbury Business Sector

Every business in Sudbury should take appropriate actions to prevent stormwater pollution, such as training their employees on proper handling and disposal of chemicals and keeping parking areas and storm drains clean. In order to maintain an informed business sector, the following fact sheets were created identifying non-structural BMPs for businesses within Plainville that have the highest likelihood of contributing to stormwater pollution.

EPA Fact Sheets

As an additional source of information, the following links provide access to fact sheets and outreach materials developed by the EPA that may be useful in helping businesses reduce their potential of contributing to stormwater pollution.

The following two links are provided by the EPA specifically for owner/operator(s) of auto recycling facilities.