Sudbury, 1890-1989, 100 years in the Life of a Town

The book is published with the cooperation of the Sudbury Historical Society and support from the Sudbury Foundation and the Wayside Inn Trustees.
This 256-page book, available in hardbound and trade paperback editions, covers the period from Sudbury’s 250th birthday in 1889 to its 350th in 1989. Some significant events during that time include the Ku Klux Klan rally in August of 1925; Sudbury’s bid (or non-bid) to become the site for the headquarters of the United Nations and Giuseppi Cavicchio’s refusal to sell his water rights which scuttled Henry Ford’s plans to build an auto parts factory at the site of Charles O. Parmenter’s mill in South Sudbury. Below is the text only version of Sudbury, 1890-1989, 100 years in the Life of a Town.

A Quiet Country Town (Chapter 1)
Joanna Gleason’s Gift (Chapter 2)
Sudbury Gets Serious About Schools (Chapter 3)
A Ride With Uncle Atherton Rogers (Chapter 4)
The Veterans Come Home (Chapter 5)
Babe Ruth: Gentelmen Farmer (Chapter 6)
Mr. Ford Comes to Sudbury (Chapter 7)
The Klan (Chapter 8)
Sudbury Propriety Reorganized (Chapter 9)
Conflagration (Chapter 10)
A Skeleton In The Yard (Chapter 11)
Tempest (Chapter 12)
Celebration (Chapter 13)
Controversy (Chapter 14)
Eight Gold Stars (Chapter 15)
The World At Our Back Door (Chapter 16)
$550,000 For A School (Chapter 17)
Let’s Buy A Little Place In Sudbury (Chapter 18)
The Wayside Inn Is Burning Down (Chapter 19)
A Question Of Individual Rights (Chapter 20)
The Power Line Fight (Chapter 21)
The Old Order Changeth (Chapter 22)
“Well Sue The Town” (Chapter 23)
Four Days When Time Stood Stillb (Chapter 24)
A Dog Named Buddy’s Legacy (Chapter 25)
The Bicentennial Through English Eyes (Chapter 26)
Sudbury’s Little Watergate: The Highway Commission Affair (Chapter 27)
Quietly Away (Chapter 28)
Tussling With Propostion Two And One Half (Chapter 29)
Override! (Chapter 30)
Finding Space And Money (Chapter 31)
A Year Of Coming Together (Chapter 32)

Editor’s Note: This is the complete text from Sudbury, 1890-1989, 100 years in the life of a Town, a 256-page sequel to A.S. Hudson’s History of Sudbury. You can purchase a copy of the book complete with illustrated with prints from Sudbury Town Report covers from the 40s, 50s and 60s and containing several period maps. The book’s index contains 650 names of people who have lived in town and contributed to its history. Autographed copies are available from Porcupine Enterprises, 106 Woodside Road, Sudbury, MA 01776. Hardbound presentation copies are $26.25 including tax plus $3.20 postage. Trade paperbacks are $12.60 including tax plus $3.20 postage.