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Translate the Town of Sudbury Web Site Into Another Language


December 29, 2021

| Information Systems
| Updated

March 30, 2023

To translate the Town of Sudbury web site into another language, try using your web browser’s built-in or recommended translation features for the best experience:

If these options are unsuitable, then scroll to the footer at the bottom of a Town of Sudbury web page and click the “🌐 Translate this page with Google Translate” option.

On the following page, look for the translation toolbar at the top of the page showing the source and destination languages:

Click the destination language () and pick your preferred language to translate the page.

Please note the following problem: if you click the “Translation” drop-down in the upper-right corner and then click the “Translation” drop-down (not the option) again to dismiss the menu, the web page can’t be clicked anymore, blocking navigation to other links and pages. Refresh the page to restore the ability to navigate.