Open Space Plan Forging Ahead

Published July 10, 2007 | Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee | Automatically Archived on 9/15/2007

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Starting in late May, the Open Space Plan Update Committee has been undergoing a whirlwind of work in an effort to complete an updated Plan by the fall of 2007.  Committee members were selected by the Town Manager in June, and provide a mixture of residents and board representatives which enhance the public perspective of the process and the Plan. Public participation is a requirement of all Open Space Plans that obtain approval from the State. Sudbury greatly values community participation in all our planning efforts.   

Thus far, the Committee has held two meetings on June 13th and June 27th focusing the discussion upon the goals and objectives of the  Plan, along with beginning to work on a survey to be unveiled in September.  Along with those tasks, the Committee members have been revising individual sections of the old Open Space Plan in order to update them after ten years

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