This committee was dissolved by the Board of Selectmen on July 28, 2015

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02 – Would the trail be used for ΓÇ£transportationΓÇ¥ in addition to ΓÇ£recreationΓÇ¥?


In Sudbury, the trail would provide access to

  • Three Town conservation area
  • Three town recreation areas abutting the trail
  • A fourth recreation area abutting the trail planned for the Mahoney Farm property south of Route 20
  • Nixon school and the high school
  • Shopping area
  • West Concord commuter train station

Several engineering and property issues need to be resolved before an exit near the crossing of the Mass. Central line can be established without using the CSX-owned right of way. If the CSX-owned section were converted into a rail trail, it would cross Route 20 at a spot convenient to the shopping areas.

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