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03 – If the rail trail were partially funded from the federal transportation act, what fraction of the costs would be borne by Sudbury?


Under our current understanding of this program, the Town of Sudbury would pay approximately 10% of the total of the costs of the engineering and other preliminary studies, design and construction.

All of the upfront costs through the final design would be the responsibility of the Town of Sudbury. Because design typically represents about 10% of the total cost, Sudbury’s share would probably be satisfied by funding the design. Privately raised money can be used toward Sudbury’s share. The state will pay up to 10% of the cost and federal transportation funds will pay up to 80%. The costs would include mitigation of the effects of the trail on abutters (e.g., fences or shrubbery)

Constructions costs are those determined in the 100% design. These estimates must under regulation include a contingency allowance to cover overruns during construction. Expenses exceeding these allowable overruns must be born by the local community.

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