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05 – How much money has the Town of Sudbury spent in studying the rail trail?


The preliminary engineering and environmental assessment cost $25,000 and was funded at 2005 Sudbury Town Meeting through the CPA. At the 2007 Sudbury Town Meeting, the Town authorized spending an additional $15,000 to verify EOT’s title to the right of way north of Crumble Station, $25,000 for a four season wildlife study of the corridor, and $105,000 for a center-line survey and wetlands delineation of the corridor. Only $39,900 has been spent on the survey/delineation; if the Town deems this project has been successfully completed, the unspent remainder will be returned to the CPC for re-allocation.

Additionally, at 2008 Sudbury Town Meeting, the Town authorized spending $420,000 of CPA funds to acquire the CSXT-owned right of way.

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