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10 – What must be done if trail conversion is done with state and federal funds?


If the trail is to be constructed with partial funding from the Federal transportation act, the Town must commit itself to funding its fraction of the total cost, approximately 10%. The Town’s fraction is usually met if the Town pays for all of the steps through the final design. With a completed design and rights to the rail bed, the Town can apply for state and federal construction funding through the regional planning agency, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The next step for Sudbury is a Town-funded 25% design. Each design phase would be followed by a series of hearings. When a final design is completed, the Mass. Highway Department will prepare a request for bids and award the construction contract.

A description of the planning, funding, and construction process can be found in the TIP at

The TIP is the “Transportation Improvement Program” which plans, prioritizes, and funds Massachusetts’ transportation projects.

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