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What is the procedure for requesting a change to the speed limit on a particular road?


Contact the Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee in writing via e-mail, trafficsafety@sudbury.ma.us.  Be sure to include a description of any issues leading to the request (i.e. any dangerous curves, reoccurring accidents, unsafe pedestrian activity), specify the location along the road, and provide details about any support for the speed limit change from other Sudbury residents.

The State determines the process for changing local speed limits. The laws regarding speed limit changes can be found at Mass Highway Dept. Speed Regulations.  The Police Department will first measure speeds along the roadway using traffic counters to monitor speed and volume of traffic. From that data the assumed safe speed limit will be whatever 85% of cars travel. If your street shows that cars typically travel at the 85% speed or above, without excessive accidents, it is assumed that is a safe speed and the State will deny the speed limit change.

The Traffic Safety Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Selectmen on resident requests.  If residents are not satisfied with the recommendations of the committee, they can request to discuss the issue directly with the Selectmen at a regularly scheduled meeting.

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