Go Sudbury! Program–Temporary Ride Limitations Starting 2/1/23

Go Sudbury! Program – Temporary Ride Limitations Starting February 1, 2023

Go Sudbury! Program Participants,

The Transportation Committee is reaching out to let you know that, starting February 1, 2023, we are going to be temporarily limiting the number of rides Go Sudbury! Program participants can take each month as follows:

Taxi Rides Program: Only SIX (6) one-way rides per month per person (a round trip would be two (2) rides)

Uber Rides Program: Only FOUR (4) one-way rides per month per person (a round trip would be two (2) rides)

Unfortunately, these new monthly ride limitations are necessary due to a program funding shortage while we attempt to continue the Go Sudbury! Programs in a limited capacity until additional funding can be secured. We are currently awaiting to receive a grant we have been awarded from MassDevelopment, which we hope to receive within the next month or so. We are also pursuing all other funding possibilities to find ways to supplement our limited existing budget.

We understand how important these ride programs are to all of you and how beneficial they have been over the last few years. This is why we are implementing these temporary ride limitations until additional funding can be secured so we can ensure the long term sustainability of these programs, as opposed to shutting down the programs completely. It is important to note we are unsure if these programs will be able to return to their previous levels of service.

We hope to have more updates and positive information for you in the next 1-2 months.

Questions can be directed to the Planning & Community Development Department (PCD@sudbury.ma.us or 978-639-3387) or to Ana Cristina Oliveira at the Sudbury Senior Center (OliveiraA@sudbury.ma.us or 978-639-3268).

If you would like further information about resources, please reach out to the Sudbury Senior Center Outreach and Information Specialist, Ana Cristina Oliveira, at 978-639-3268 or OliveiraA@sudbury.ma.us.

We apologize for any inconvenience these ride limitations may cause for our program participants.