Message from Director of Veteran Services

Published November 29, 2011 | Veterans' Agent | Automatically Archived on 1/3/2012

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As we reflect upon the past year, please take a moment to remember our military men and women that serve our great nation at home and abroad. Without their selfless sacrifices, we would not enjoy the freedoms that sometimes are taken for granted.

The turmoil and uprisings this past year in several middle-eastern and North African nations including Egypt and Libya are testaments to what freedom means to our human race. In their struggle to be free, the people have decided that it is their human right to enjoy the liberties and happiness that other nations, such as America, enjoy.

Last November 30th we lost one of our young warriors in defense of freedom in Afghanistan. Lt. Scott Milley epitomized the term selfless; “the act of sacrificing one’s own interests for the greater good”. Scott, like so many other Americans who have served with honor and gracious professionalism, did not hesitate to go into harms way so that we should live free and without worry of terrorism on the soil of our great nation. Scott is dearly missed by his community. Sudbury will never forget Scott’s bravery and selflessness on our behalf.

On behalf of the Sudbury Veterans, I ask that all residents keep Scott’s family in mind as you celebrate these upcoming holidays. Remember Scott as you proudly fly your American flag tomorrow and all days forthcoming.

And, remember that on our flag, each star represents a state and each state has a star that will forever shine in our hearts. Brian Stearns Sudbury Veteran Director