What are the Federal Benefits coordinated by the Veterans’ Services Office?

What are the Federal Benefits coordinated by the Veterans’ Services Office?



Generally any Federal entitlement for an eligible veteran will start from the Veterans' Services Office, by way of application filled out either by the Director or with his help. Information and assistance is readily available for every Federal veterans benefit. Typical federal benefits coordinated by this office are:

GRAVE MARKERS – Every honorably discharged veteran, upon his death, is entitled at the government’s expense to a flat bronze marker commemorating his military service.

BURIAL IN A NATIONAL OR STATE VETERANS’ CEMETERY – Any eligible veteran may be buried (if space is available) at any Federal Veterans’ Cemetery or in one of the two (3) new State Veterans’ Cemeteries at Agawam or Winchendon.

DISABILITY – Veterans seeking either a service-connected or non-service connected disability rating or an increase in either rating can do so starting with local assistance.

G.I. LIFE INSURANCE – All claims for payment under G.I. life insurance can be initially processed and forwarded from the local veterans’ services office.

DISCHARGES – World War II discharges or post-WWII Form

DD214s can be obtained, corrected or upgraded starting locally.

WIDOW’S PENSION – This program starts with a local application.

VA HOME LOANS – Applications for certification of eligibility are available on a local level and expedited handling can be arranged.

MEDAL/AWARDS/DECORATIONS – Veterans can obtain or replace medals, awards or decorations they are entitled to either from government or commercial sources or they can apply for decorations for which they are qualified, but which they did not officially receive, at the time of discharge.

BONUSES – There is no time limit on payment of WWII, Korean, Vietnam or Gulf War state bonuses. They can be obtained by applying locally.

LICENSE PLATES – veterans can apply through the local office for distinctive license plates issued by the Commonwealth such as POW, Silver Star, Bronze Star, etc.

GENERAL INFORMATION – This office can usually answer any and all questions pertaining to military affairs, military history or any inquiry related to veterans.

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