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Opioid Abatement Fund Info Session Flyer – May 2 2024
April 22, 2024 Health Department
Sudbury Body Work Establishment Application
April 11, 2024 Health Department
2024 Pool Renewal Permit Packet
April 8, 2024 Health Department
Body Art Practitioner (Individual) Permit Application _202304051535536797
April 8, 2024 Health Department
Body Art Establishment Permit Application_202304051535320006
April 8, 2024 Health Department
Sudbury BOH Permit Fee Schedule
April 4, 2024 Health Department
2024 HHW-Reciprocal Schedule – NE3_DIGITAL
March 25, 2024 Health Department
2024 Household Haz Waste Flyer
For Sudbury Residents only. Bring ID and arrive within you assigned time slot.  
March 4, 2024 Board of Health
Bay State Textiles
January 8, 2024 Health Department
Bay State Textiles
January 8, 2024 Health Department
Bodywork Regulations 11-14-23
December 12, 2023 Health Department
Sudbury Health Department Reports Increase in Tick Disease
June 17, 2020 Board of Health Nurse
Hoenig – Message to Community COVID-19 2020Apr10
Message from Dr. Peter Hoenig, Sudbury Board of Health Physician regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)  
April 10, 2020 Health
Press Release
Health Department
2018 Signed Tobacco Regulations
January 10, 2020 Health Department
Cleanup Day Safety
March 28, 2019 Health Department
Board of Health Fee Schedule
March 12, 2019 Board of Health
Town of Sudbury Emergency Handbook
February 28, 2019 Board of Health
Regulations Subsurface Disposal of Sewage
June 15, 2018 Health Department
May 24, 2018 Board of Health
Plastic Bag and Bottle Ban FAQ
April 12, 2018 Health Department Health Department
MassWildlife’s Beavers and the Law
December 24, 2014 Health Department Health Department
Rules and Regulations for Stables and Keeping of Animals
October 7, 2014 Board of Health Health Department
Outdoor Hydronic Heater Regulations 2011
On September 6th, 2011 The Sudbury Board of Health adopted revised Outdoor Hydronic Heater (OHH)Regulations. To operate an existing OHH or new OHH installation the owner must obtain a permit from the Board of Health.  
September 20, 2011 Board of Health Board of Health
Trash Collectors
Click on to see the list of trash collectors that pick up curbside  
January 27, 2011 Board of Health Board of Health
Rules and Regulations Governing the Subsurface Disposal of Sewage
November 15, 2007 Rules and Regulations Board of Health
In-Ground Irrigation Systems Regulations/Application
Please Read the Regulations before deciding the location of your proposed in-ground irrigation well. Once you read these regulations obtain a map, plot plan, or septic plan of your house and place a mark where you would like the well. Turn this in to the Board of Health Office for our review. Thank you.  
November 13, 2007 Rules and Regulations Board of Health
Hop Brook Ponds System Study 1989 July
Hop Brook Ponds System Study, Prepared by Whitman and Howard Inc. for the Sudbury Board of Health, July 1989  
July 11, 1989 Planning & Community Development

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