Low-Vision Computer Workstation Available at Goodnow Library

Published October 28, 2009 | Commission on Disability | Automatically Archived on 11/30/2009

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The Goodnow Library has recently purchased and installed one copy of ZoomText Magnifier and Reader, computer accessibility software made by Ai Squared.  The software enables vision impaired computer users to access computer based content.  ZoomText enlarges and enhances everything on the computer screen, making applications easy to see and use. ZoomText also interprets and reads the contents of the computer screen aloud via headphones.  The Library added a ZoomText Large-Print keyboard, to complete and provide a low-vision computer workstation available to anyone who might benefit from this assistive technology.


Karen Tobin, the Assistant Director at the Goodnow Library recently confirmed the deployment of the accessibility hardware and software in quick response to a recommendation by Ben Halsband.  Ben is a member of the Sudbury Commission on Disability and is passionate about confronting and addressing the daily barriers that face the disabled community.  Ben, who is visually impaired himself, recommended the ZoomText deployment at a recent meeting of the Sudbury Commission on Disability.  Following unanimous approval of committee members, Ben approached the Goodnow Library regarding its benefits and potential use.


To schedule a demonstration or a brief tutorial on how to use the software, you can visit the Goodnow Library or contact Ben Halsband via the Sudbury Commission on Disability at 978-639-3265.


Occasional webinars are offered by Ai Squared, for users seeking an alternative method of training.  Go to www.aisquared.com to learn about these webinars or to get additional information regarding the software.


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