About This Website


The original version of this site was created in the summer of 1999 by Joe Onorato, working as an employee for Mark Thompson, the Town Technology Administrator. In January 2007, the site design was revised by Christopher Lee.

The frontend was redesigned again in the summer of 2010 by Ian Wetherbee and Adu Bhandaru to take advantage of new web browser technologies.

In 2012, the website’s current platform was evaluated and enhanced by Eddie Hurtig and in 2014 the first unified WordPress version of the website was released.

In 2018, we are working on responsive upgrades to the site and several infrastructure upgrades to the web service platforms.

For more information, visit the Information Systems homepage.

Sending Feedback

While the Town of Sudbury tries to make every effort to keep all of the information on this page up to date, that goal is not always possible.

Each department is responsible for updating its own material, so if you find a mistake or omission, please contact that department. All of the departments are listed in the menu above and on the Town Services Page. All of the committees and boards are also listed above and also on the Town Committees Page. Any comments about anything outside of the department pages should be directed to webmaster@sudbury.ma.us.


Icons are part of the FamFamFam Silk Icons set, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

Terms of Use

All materials on this website, except for the town seal, are licensed under the following terms:

  • You are free to share, distribute, display, and create derivative works of the materials as long as you do not represent derivative works as being created or endorsed by the Town of Sudbury.
  • Attribution is suggested, but not required.
  • For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.


The town seal is the property of the Town of Sudbury, and all rights to the town seal are reserved according to the Town Bylaws, Article XVI, Section 1: β€œThe Town Seal, or any reproduction or facsimile thereof, shall not be used, unless authorized by law, without the written authorization of the Town Clerk.”

We hope you find this site enjoyable and informative. Thank you for visiting the Town of Sudbury website.

β€” The Information Systems Department